Our Core Values

Deerns respects and nurtures the following five core values: CEDRIC.


The interest of our clients is served primarily by providing quality in the work we do. We therefore focus on maintaining and advancing our competence as engineers, consultants and project managers in our recruitment, performance review, training & development, control mechanisms & procedures and support sytems.


As professional services providers, our senior consultants, managers and project leaders are our primary sales persons. It is this large group rather than separate marketeers who can convince potential clients of the benefits of using Deerns. Moreover, all staff members will contribute to the value of our firm and our quality by displaying entrepreneurial behaviour – i.e., a willingness to investigate new, better ways of working, to take responsibility and to seek new combinations of knowledge resources.

Design Reputation

We invest in long-term relationships with our clients and will therefore do what is needed to Deerns respects and nurtures the following five core values: CEDRIC.We put long-term client satisfaction and long-term value ahead of short-term gains and will do what it takes to keep our clients satisfied with our performance.


Towards clients, project partners and subcontractors we will behave in an ethically responsible manner. We work only in the interest of our clients, observing societal needs and codes, and contributing to sustainable solutions.


Part of the value we add to our clients is in the effective and efficient cooperation with project partners. Towards our colleagues, we behave in a professional manner as true team members and leaders, providing our colleagues as needed with our knowledge, experience and coaching. The free exchange of technical knowledge, staff and market information is a cornerstone of our success as One firm.