A message from our CEO

At Deerns we closely follow the development of the Covid-19 pandemic in all the parts of the world where we provide our services.

We have proven we can keep serving our clients while keeping staff members safe and taking our social responsibility. Our IT infrastructure, internal communications networks and staff morale have proven to be fully capable of meeting this challenge. With all the required digital tools at our disposal, we are ready and available to keep offering you the professional and dedicated service you have come to expect from us.

An update on our offices

In Europe, we help prevent a second outbreak by maintaining a strong focus on personal hygiene among our staff (using mouth/nose coverings in public transport, washing hands frequently, keeping physical distance) and continuing our ‘smart working’ policies in those places where working from home and avoiding public transportation are central. Bicycle–use, and avoiding public transportation during rush hours, is encouraged and supported. In all our European offices our members of staff are equipped with tools and systems ranging from internal logistics measures to clever desk space pre-booking apps and attendance-rotation schedules for office work.

Work on building sites has been resumed in nearly all our client projects; when we need to be on-site, here too we work under strict adherence of safety measures. In the Middle East and Brazil we work almost exclusively from home. Firm-wide, we still largely refrain from international travel. Naturally, we adhere to all local legal requirements (e.g., temperature checks in our Milan office upon entering). All staff members who develop symptoms that may indicate a Coronavirus infection are strongly encouraged to stay at home and have themselves tested.

Deerns can help with Coronavirus-driven challenges

Deerns is ready to assist our clients in meeting their Coronavirus-driven challenges. We serve a rapidly growing number of our clients in evaluating their building management and HVAC facilities and in developing strategies to increase the virus safety of their indoor climates.

Our technical and IT consultants - with expertise ranging from cleanrooms to hospital theatres, from safety & security to Smart buildings - bring their experience and creativity to the table to help develop new solutions to these new challenges. One excellent example is the work done outlined in the recently published whitepaper “Airborne spread of SARS-CoV-2, Potential Risks in indoor spaces” written by our colleagues Dr. Yasin Toparlar & Dr. Paul van Gent. For more information we can all be reached via the normal channels – and where safe to do so - at the office.

Jan Karel Mak
CEO Deerns Group

14 July 2020

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