A New Year has begun

Starting the year afresh, we look forward to rapid containment of the pandemic, allowing us to go back to a more normal social and work life. However, whether working from our 15 offices, from our homes or at your construction site, we will serve you in an efficient and timely manner, assisted by our advanced design and communication tools.

Beyond the Covid-19 crisis looms the much larger global challenge of combating climate change. We will play the role here that we have carved out for ourselves as a firm. That role is to be at the forefront of designing energy-conserving technologies. We are here to inspire and help our clients invest wisely in smart, low-energy solutions. We are here to play a key role in creating pleasant, healthy, and efficient buildings and facilities. And, as we have done for decades, to help innovate and disseminate new technologies.

One example of our active innovation role is our involvement in research to reduce the energy need of data management, with the ultimate goal of realizing energy-neutral datacenters. We participate in a research programme at the University of Twente (Netherlands), working together with top researchers in the field of new materials, AI solutions, photonics and neuromorphic computing. We are part of a network of scientists and industrial partners building a pilot plant on the campus of that university. There the latest developments in research can be tested and refined, bringing them to proven application level. See this link to University of Twente and our related LinkedIn post.

The role of technology in the built environment continues to grow. And with that, we will continue to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint – from Health Care to Data Centres, from Airports and Real Estate to CleanTech.

Jan Karel Mak
CEO Deerns Group

6 January 2021

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