No failure costs and faster processing time for new cinema through BIM

Last week, the new ultra modern Pathé Maastricht cinema opened in the Netherlands. The cinema has eight auditoriums with wall-to-wall projection and 1026 seats. Deerns made the MEP design in accordance with the high demands set by Pathé in terms of comfort and experience. “The requirement was a shell MEP design which would be expanded at a later stage with a MEP design for the completion,” explains Math Luijten, consultant at Deerns. “The challenge therefore was to make an integrated design in which all systems could be realised without delay. 

The application of BIM enabled all preparatory shell MEP facilities to be dimensioned and processed in the correct position in the BIM model. For the client this meant the failure costs between the shell phase and completion phase could be reduced to zero. Another advantage was that the construction of the shell could start ahead of the decisions and choices that are necessary for completion. Consequently, construction was able to be realised quickly and efficiently.”

Dry coolers on the Eiffel building

Implementation of the building’s cooling system for comfort in the auditoriums and foyer was an additional challenge. Luijten: “Due to the strict requirements in terms of sound and aesthetics in connection with the listed Eiffel building, we housed the cooling unit in the basement. To disperse the heat of the cooling unit dry coolers were installed on top of the Eiffel building. Because the units are of a very low height and are extremely quiet, the municipality has allowed them to be installed on the roof. An additional advantage is that free cooling can be used, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption. In winter, the cinema is heated by district heating.”

10 November 2015

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