Real Estate

Deerns annually realises dozens of offices and retail projects. The number of high-rise projects is growing steadily. Technical installations are an essential condition for the habitability or usability of high-rise buildings and are major determining factors for their quality. 

Safety guarantees, proper dimensioning of machine rooms, shafts and lifts, and efficient gable maintenance are crucial. Particular issues such as an optimal combination of energy systems, silent water discharge, and preventing thermal draughts are also in good hands with Deerns. The early tuning between architects, contractors and consultants is at its most critical here; the desired design margins have to be established in the preliminary design phase to make a project feasible.

Integrated Approach

An integrated approach with the architect can be achieved at various aggregation levels. Integration can take place at a building-technical level; consider for instance climate walls, climate ceilings, or concrete activation. This level involves fitting installations in with building-technical elements: physical integration. At a higher level, integration can also be at an architectural level. In cooperation with the architect, the possibilities that passive solar energy, water, building mass, etc offer, can be interwoven into a total approach; functional integration.

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