Erasmus medical Centre, Rotterdam - The Netherlands

The Erasmus MC is the largest and most versatile of the eight university medical centres in the Netherlands. It aspires to further extend its international reputation and become one of the twenty best medical institutes in the world. Among their ambitions is the aim to become Europe’s largest health care facility. Deerns has been involved in a range of projects at the Erasmus Medical Centre from the nineteen seventies onwards. The renovation of the Thorax Centre, with safety and reliability as the key focus points, is a striking example of our involvement here.

Special features

An entirely new surgical centre (operating theatres, isolation rooms and intensive care) was constructed on the ground floor of the present Thorax Centre, including new systems based on the latest insights in operating technologies. The former surgical centre was redesigned to be used as office space and supporting services. Furthermore, the building services infrastructure was renewed in the entire building to ensure a new technical lifespan of 20 years.

Deerns was awarded the commission from design to completion of all installations. We were also awarded the design, supervision and project management for installing the medical equipment. This project involved, among other features, the development of four high-end intervention suites in the Thorax Centre, the duplication of the central air handling units to allow redundancy, and the creation of single intensive care boxes, to enhance safety around the patient.