Isala Hospital, Zwolle - The Netherlands

For Isala a new cluster of buildings was built, partly surrounding some existing ones. A central hall forms the connection between the new buildings. It functions as a ‘distribution node’, connecting various buildings through transport systems and supply tunnels. In addition, a new parking garage was built on the site. Alberts & Van Huut Architects were responsible for the building’s striking architectural style.

They collaborated with a/d Amstel architects, renowned for their health care expertise. Deerns was honoured to be part of this experienced project team. Our joint efforts have led to a very special as well as highly sustainable design.
Special features

To create an extremely energy efficient building, Deerns studied several concepts. Especially the enormous south facing glass façade, and the areas behind it, provided some challenges for the energy efficiency. In order to create comfortable spaces, several measures were taken, such as passive solar shading, high insulating glass and cooling through natural ventilation and concrete core activation. We used cooler air from the North side of the building to ventilate these particular areas. In addition, many other energy efficient concepts were used in this project. These concepts resulted in a hospital that requires only 40% of the energy used by the current hospital.