University Hospital, Leuven - Belgium

At the request of the University Hospital in Leuven, Belgium, Deerns together with Ingenium Brugge drew up a design for a 10kV substation including emergency power installations together with a 500m2 data centre for the Campus Gasthuisberg.

Deerns received this order because of its substantial experience with similar projects, for example the Philips High Tech Campus. As the existing infrastructure was outdated, and did not meet the requirements for the new building plans, a complete restructuring was necessary. It was decided to build a new 10kV consumer substation and a new data centre based on a master plan study carried out by Deerns.

The new data centre is designed so that the planned new building parts can be connected to this centre and enabled the redundancy of the two existing data centres. The consumer substation and data centre are housed in one building.

Special features

The design was carried out in close co-operation with the participants of the University Hospital. The design of the 10kV consumer substation (redundant with five emergency generators) guarantees a high level of company security. In a phased completion, the 10kV cabling of the existing buildings will be connected to the new available infrastructure. The client has two functions delivered simultaneously in one building. Both were extensively tested. It was possible to test without risk, parallel to the existing consumer substation and data centres.

Distinguishing techniques

  •     10kV
  •     Extensive infrastructure
  •     High company security