Eastern Dock Island

The Oosterdokseiland (Eastern Docks Island) is a significant element in the development of the southern IJ-bank. In cooperation with the municipal council of Amsterdam a vision was developed with high ambitions with regard to urban development and programming. The idea is to add a beautiful piece of Amsterdam in an innovating concept with respect for and fitting into the old city centre. Key words are: sturdy materials, specific dimensions and patterns for windows, precision and richness of details.

The plan consists of six different lots (in which the buildings and their plinth course continue down into the basement) as well as a garage under the entire subproject. These lots are connected to each other above ground by public areas, which are formed by the quay, the Spoorstraat (Railroad), Oosterdoksdwarsstraten (side streets) and two squares.

The functions included in the plans are housing, offices, shops, leisure, cafés and restaurants, a business centre, library, music school and car parks.

Phased construction. Renovation of the existing Post Office (TPG). The island will be supplied by a combined energy supply: long-term energy storage combined with heat pumps.

The energy performance level is very high due to various structural and installation-technological measures.

Energy Stratgegy, Installations Masterplan, MEP Systems Coordination and Design.