University of Applied Sciences, Hamm-Lippstadt, Germany

Four main buildings and one smaller technical building are constructed at the campus Lippstadt. The buildings L1 and L2 will have two floors, buildings L3 and L4 will have three floors. The domestic supply centres are going to be arranged on the roofs of all four buildings. 

A cross-linking of the building services regarding gas, water, heating, telecommunications and electricity between the buildings will be realised by supply lines in the outdoor installations in order to enable an energy-saving comprehensive approach. Only the air-conditioning and cryogenic systems will be established independently for every building. A technical building L0 will be constructed at the western side of building L1, which serves the campus by committing gas, drinkable water, telecommunications and electricity as well as by containing the necessary emergency standby power system. Building L1 hosts a canteen at the main floor as well as the administration and student association at the first floor. Building L2 hosts a central facility.