Building Physics

Designing comfortable, healthy and low-energy buildings is not merely a question of using clever and well-integrated installations. Deerns considers building physics to be an essential and integrated part of a building’s design.

Deerns UK’s engineers and consultants always aim to design solutions that integrate installation technology and building physics as effectively as possible. In the pre-design stage, our engineers and consultants study the effects of conceptual decisions, such as building shape, orientation, and glass percentage on comfort and energy consumption. In the definitive design stage more in-depth studies focus on the materials selection.

This is accompanied by more in-depth studies. In the tendering phase we still advise on details, e.g. on what the most suitable ventilation system would be. In our clients’ interest.

Deerns’ consultants always aim for designs that integrate installations technology and building physics as well as possible, in the interest of the client's expected performance.